Consecration Service of Bishop-Designate Jerome Dukes

We, Community Fellowship Christian Center International, delightfully extend a warm invitation to you to prayerfully attend, witness and bless the divine Consecration Service of

Bishop-Designate Jerome Dukes

Sunday, August 28, 2011,
4 o’clock in the afternoon


Covenant Ministries
1700 Corey Boulevard, Decatur, GA 30032


Bishop Quincy Lavelle Carswell, Chief Consecrator


Bishop Ralph Lewis
Bishop Bobby Henderson
Bishop Kevin Lydell Smith
Bishop Thomas Smith
Bishop Richard “Mr. Clean” White
Bishop Jeronn C. Williams
Bishop Ken McNatt
Bishop Calvin Colquitt
Bishop Joseph Price
Bishop C. E. White
Bishop Michael Canion
Bishop Wiley Jackson
Bishop Miles Fowler
Bishop T. A. Body
Bishop Jonathan Greer, II
Bishop Lee Anthony Norwood
Bishop C. D. Gearing